Nahum was a prophet sent by God to the Assyrians to tell them of their pending judgment by God. Jonah had preached to them and they repented but they now had returned to their wickedness and God was going to punish them.

Nahum 1:9-15  God is going to bring judgment of Nineveh but rescue His people Judah. Judah being God’s precious people they had His-Assurance, Assistance, and Acquaintance. Nahum 1:2 says God is a zealous and avenging God and He is at work among the nations on behalf of His people. He does the same today for His people if they choose to follow Him. A real warning also is given in Nahum, and that is, You will reap what you sow from the Lord.

April 3, 2016 Behold on the Mountains

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