A Different Christ Personality From What We Normally Discuss


I've noticed that in the sections of Matthew we have read this week, we see a different personality in Christ especially in dealing with his disciples.  At times I can't help but hear Bill Engval's "There's your sign".  Several times within these readings you see the disciples questioning his validity as the Messiah and he basically retorts with "There's your sign".  Also, something I've never noticed that several of the miracles performed by Christ are repeated at different times/places, example there are two instances of the bread and fish being multiplied to feed many, with leftovers.  There's also multiple times of the walking on the water.  Just interesting.


But overall, my favorite verse from this week has to be Matthew 15:10-20 where Christ describes that it is not what we put into our mouth, or whether we wash before eating as was the tradition, but what we say and do that defiles us and causes us to be sinful.

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Harold Eggar

Sorry I didn't see this before Sunday last week, but I think we discussed it... at least some!