Thoughts on This Weeks Reading


The unfruitful grain GREW - it just didn't produce fruit.  What a scary thought for those of us that worship every week but might not be producing fruit for the Lord?

Why didn't the demons wnat to leave the country?

In the old Testament rules of not touching the dead bodies of things, some of those rules would be really difficult.  I mean, if you were walking in a meadow, how would you know if you touched the body of a dead cricket that made you "unclean."

Who decided what a family could and couldn't afford in terms of a sacrifice?

Could Jesus actually not do miracles in the unbelief of his hometown?  Does that mean that our own unbelief blocks God from working miracles in our lives today?

How could the apostles "not understand" when they watched 5 loves of bread feed 5,000 people with 12 baskets left over?  (And don't you want to see the video of this miracle?  Did the break appear all at once?  Did it go in a basket and the basket just never emptied?)






Had some of the same questions myself!

Just made the joke, if Jesus said the second time "how many fish do you have?" was it with some sarcasm.